music machines

5 Oct

The ‘academic’ cut is done and on-line.
I had to break it in three parts, as it currently sits at 26 minutes and youtube only allows 10 minute videos.
would love to get it on vimeo, but no + account.

if you have 30 minutes to spare, click on the links below.

before you watch it, please keep the following in mind:
it is not finished as i want it: i need to make it shorter, work on the sound, colour correction and, my main concern, re-edit what is now the first part – I started working on it long ago, without any footage other than interviews; also, over the last couple of months I also got a little bit better at editing, something that I have never done before, so I believe I can make that beginning a lot more interesting.

next stage is to make it decent enough for festivals submission.

enjoy, spread it and please leave a comment here, on youtube or via carolinasarsfield AT

music machines part 1

music machines part 2

music machines part 3


3 Responses to “music machines”

  1. Brunon Rogowski 25_01_2010 at 8:05 pm #

    hey, just watching the first video, brilliant work! very interesting effects, it’s the kind of quality you expect on tv and there’s a narrative behind it. the only thing i’d think about next time is sound quality of your interviews.

    you can embed your clips in the post

    i’m posting it on mine!

    best of luck!


  1. Music Machines | Stereo Cafe - 25_01_2010

    […] It’s a three part documentary, by Carolina Sarsfield. Here, you can find out more about Music Machines. […]

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