This website showcases my work: past, present & future. Words, photography and, mostly, video.
My main experience is media based: journalism,  internet & social media and television.

Lisbon > London > Falmouth > unknown

Completed a BA in Media Studies and Journalism, in 2005, while working full time in an independent production company. All in Lisbon.

Worked in Portuguese TV for six years before moving to London in 2008.
And had several different freelance jobs along the way. Paid, not-so-much and not-really. Collaborating with publications and websites.

In London I mostly worked in museums, galleries and venues (V&A, Southbank Centre, Science museum, London museum, NMM & ROG), while travelling (Berlin, Barcelona, Stockholm, etc.), doing short courses (screenwriting), taking a zillion pictures (film & digital) and travelling more.

Now I am based in Cornwall, southwest UK, doing an MA in Television Production at University College Falmouth.

I speak three languages apart from Portuguese: English, Spanish, French.
I get along with new technologies: computers (pc & mac), internet and a wide range of software: Microsoft and Open Office programs and tools; Photoshop, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Flash, DreamWeaver, Ableton Live.

A multi-tasker with excellent time management skills and the ability to plan work towards deadlines and objectives, I am flexible and have a can-do approach and great planning skills; logical while still creative and imaginative; committed; owner of an enormous willingness to learn and acquire new skills through employment and creative projects; diplomacy, settlement and adaptation skills; efficient; professional.

If I am not working there is a high probability I will be doing something related to music, preferably live, but still holding a camera. Or preparing my next trip abroad.

A complete CV can be downloaded on the PROFESSIONAL section.

To get in touch: carolinasarsfield at yahoo dot com


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