port eliot

26 Jul

amazing weekend at Port Eliot Festival.
watched Hitchcock’s ‘North by Northwest’ under the stars.

port eliot 2011

filmed debates, talks, readings and live performances by Kate Winslet, Tom Uglow, Edmund de Waal, Luke Wright, Caitlin Moran and Ed Harcourt.
raved to Sir Weatherall’s magnificent taste. Twice. And found a group of kids making incredible music somewhere in the forest: Turing.

i want my life to be a permanent festival. please?


19 Jul

another shoot for machineSLASHmachine (or music machines, still undecided about the title of the documentary) happened in Brighton’s Soundwaves Festival this Sunday.
This time to film Robin Rimbaud, known as Scanner, performing live.

scanner live

soundwaves & port eliot

11 Jul

my festival season is about to start.
this year, on what is a return to an unforgettable past, working.
for free but that is only a small and uninteresting detail.
who cares about money anyway, when there’s live music?

will be attending Soundwaves Festival, this coming sunday, in Brighton, to film Robin Rimbaud AKA Scanner for my current project, the documentary ‘music machines’.

then, moving outdoors, in the forest and by the river, to film at Port Eliot Festival, in the amazing land of St Germans.

port eliot 2011


11 Jul

blaming mr Ryan J Grant for my new internet addiction: here’s a link to my about.me


30 Jun

a break for some live action.

a year ago i was in the middle of nowhere, in NW sweden, to see arcade fire play in an abandoned lime stone quarry (dalhalla). probably the most incredible venue i’ve ever been to.

today i’m off to see the <3 flaming lips <3 playing in between domes at the eden project in cornwall.


25 Jun

for my current project machineSLASHmachine, a short doc about electronic music performance and equipment.
featuring, in order of appearance:
– kim cascone
– 1Way
– luke vibert
– scanner
– greg wilson

shot in falmouth, around liverpool and london
music: wagon christ – wake up (courtesy of ninja tune)

2nd step

23 Jun

40 pages of transcribed interviews done.

let the cutting begin

image credit: alsokaizen