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machines update

3 Aug

after a 3 day shoot at the vintage festival, principal photography is over for ‘music machines’.
now off for a break at field day festival, in victoria park, this saturday. no cameras between me and music for a day.
then a month of hard work editing the film & finishing the dissertation.
halfway through september i’ll be a post-graduate looking for a job.


top left to bottom right: royal festival hall, greg wilson playing style studio on friday night, greg wilson playing warehouse saturday afternoon, greg wilson’ keep it reel logo, the ceasers playing at vintage, crowd dancing to greg wilson at the warehouse, greg wilson at the warehouse x2

take 1

16 May

machine slash machine is finally underway, with an unexpected contributor falling from heaven (he insists that’s not where he came from) right into falmouth. armed with not much more than a laptop, sound artist Kim Cascone came down for a lecture & a live performance. interview number one is done.