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music machines

5 Oct

The ‘academic’ cut is done and on-line.
I had to break it in three parts, as it currently sits at 26 minutes and youtube only allows 10 minute videos.
would love to get it on vimeo, but no + account.

if you have 30 minutes to spare, click on the links below.

before you watch it, please keep the following in mind:
it is not finished as i want it: i need to make it shorter, work on the sound, colour correction and, my main concern, re-edit what is now the first part – I started working on it long ago, without any footage other than interviews; also, over the last couple of months I also got a little bit better at editing, something that I have never done before, so I believe I can make that beginning a lot more interesting.

next stage is to make it decent enough for festivals submission.

enjoy, spread it and please leave a comment here, on youtube or via carolinasarsfield AT gmail.com

music machines part 1

music machines part 2

music machines part 3

machines update

3 Aug

after a 3 day shoot at the vintage festival, principal photography is over for ‘music machines’.
now off for a break at field day festival, in victoria park, this saturday. no cameras between me and music for a day.
then a month of hard work editing the film & finishing the dissertation.
halfway through september i’ll be a post-graduate looking for a job.


top left to bottom right: royal festival hall, greg wilson playing style studio on friday night, greg wilson playing warehouse saturday afternoon, greg wilson’ keep it reel logo, the ceasers playing at vintage, crowd dancing to greg wilson at the warehouse, greg wilson at the warehouse x2


25 Jun

for my current project machineSLASHmachine, a short doc about electronic music performance and equipment.
featuring, in order of appearance:
– kim cascone
– 1Way
– luke vibert
– scanner
– greg wilson

shot in falmouth, around liverpool and london
music: wagon christ – wake up (courtesy of ninja tune)

ace of clubs

9 Jun

trip to london ended with luke.

luke vibert

thanks to ninja tune for inviting us to their headquarters.


7 Jun

in the city, still shooting for machine SLASH machine.
in order of appearance:
– scanner, off brick lane, 1Way


tomorrow, mr luke vibert.


2 Jun

another interview done. Greg Wilson & Revox B77 covered for machine SLASH machine with a trip to the merseyside.
credit to the edit
greg wilson

now packing to london for another 3 rounds.

take 1

16 May

machine slash machine is finally underway, with an unexpected contributor falling from heaven (he insists that’s not where he came from) right into falmouth. armed with not much more than a laptop, sound artist Kim Cascone came down for a lecture & a live performance. interview number one is done.