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music machines

5 Oct

The ‘academic’ cut is done and on-line.
I had to break it in three parts, as it currently sits at 26 minutes and youtube only allows 10 minute videos.
would love to get it on vimeo, but no + account.

if you have 30 minutes to spare, click on the links below.

before you watch it, please keep the following in mind:
it is not finished as i want it: i need to make it shorter, work on the sound, colour correction and, my main concern, re-edit what is now the first part – I started working on it long ago, without any footage other than interviews; also, over the last couple of months I also got a little bit better at editing, something that I have never done before, so I believe I can make that beginning a lot more interesting.

next stage is to make it decent enough for festivals submission.

enjoy, spread it and please leave a comment here, on youtube or via carolinasarsfield AT gmail.com

music machines part 1

music machines part 2

music machines part 3


25 Jun

for my current project machineSLASHmachine, a short doc about electronic music performance and equipment.
featuring, in order of appearance:
– kim cascone
– 1Way
– luke vibert
– scanner
– greg wilson

shot in falmouth, around liverpool and london
music: wagon christ – wake up (courtesy of ninja tune)

ace of clubs

9 Jun

trip to london ended with luke.

luke vibert

thanks to ninja tune for inviting us to their headquarters.