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vintage festival

27 Jul

the next shoot for my doc music machines is happening this weekend.
from friday all the way to sunday, i will be filming at the Vintage Festival.
the goal is to shoot Greg Wilson‘s DJ sets.
but there are too many great events not to be missed.
check this video:


19 Jul

another shoot for machineSLASHmachine (or music machines, still undecided about the title of the documentary) happened in Brighton’s Soundwaves Festival this Sunday.
This time to film Robin Rimbaud, known as Scanner, performing live.

scanner live

soundwaves & port eliot

11 Jul

my festival season is about to start.
this year, on what is a return to an unforgettable past, working.
for free but that is only a small and uninteresting detail.
who cares about money anyway, when there’s live music?

will be attending Soundwaves Festival, this coming sunday, in Brighton, to film Robin Rimbaud AKA Scanner for my current project, the documentary ‘music machines’.

then, moving outdoors, in the forest and by the river, to film at Port Eliot Festival, in the amazing land of St Germans.

port eliot 2011

ace of clubs

9 Jun

trip to london ended with luke.

luke vibert

thanks to ninja tune for inviting us to their headquarters.


7 Jun

in the city, still shooting for machine SLASH machine.
in order of appearance:
– scanner, off brick lane, 1Way


tomorrow, mr luke vibert.